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  1. Bryan says:

    Marine booligy is an extremely broad subject. It covers all the living things in the ocean which there are very vast amounts of. I would focus on some sort of biological system. You could focus on one specific animal, but it may be difficult to write 4-5 pages on one thing. If you want to do an animal I would suggest sea turtles, sharks, or maybe jellyfish. Focus on the different kinds of those species; how they survive/interact with their environment. Maybe focus on a region of the ocean and what its inhabitants are like, such as the deep ocean or the abyssal plain. The deep ocean is really fascinating. You could try coral reefs or hydrothermal vents. If it were me writing this paper, I would go with coral reefs. Coral reefs are like the rain forests of the ocean. Much information can be found on them. You could write about things such as…-Distribution of reefs.-The three types of reefs: barrier reefs, fringing reefs, atolls.-The species living in the reef.-The corals and their formation.-How the animals in the reefs interact with the corals.-Biodiversity of the reefs.-Ecological and economical importance of reefs.-Shoreline protection.

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