Ziua Mondială a Turismului, 27 septembrie

In 1979, Organizatia Mondiala a Turismului a declarat ziua de 27 septembrie “Zi Mondiala a Turismului”, iar aceasta a fost sarbatorita prima oara in intreaga lume in 1980. Obiectivul principal al acestei zile este acela de a determina comunitatea internationala sa constientizeze importanta turismului si a valorilor sale sociale, culturale, politice si economice.



World Tourism Day (WTD) 2011 is being held under the theme Tourism – Linking Cultures.
This year’s theme is a celebration of tourism’s role in linking together the cultures of the world through travel. With millions of people travelling the world each year, never before have so many people been to so many places, nor been so exposed to other cultures. This interaction between individuals and communities, and their diverse cultures, leads to tolerance, respect and mutual understanding – the building blocks for a more peaceful world.